Confidence Camp  For Young People  

Being a young person can feel like an emotional rollercoaster can't it? Everything you tune into seems to illuminate all your insecurities.  
Just as you think you have grasped a subject at school, you and your friends find a harmonious middleground, or you have shown your family how responsible you are; a curveball is thrown, arguments happen and your hopes of a relaxed life seem to disappear in front of your eyes. 
You don't know who you are anymore, you don't know who to turn to or how to deal with anything anymore and you start to ask - is there any point? 
What if things were different? 
What if you had the power within you to choose what happens? 
What if you had the know how to influence others? 
And what if you could become the very best version of yourself that you want to be? 

Young Minds Mastery Group 

Why join? 
If you could build your confidence and self-esteem, would that help you to believe in yourself more? 
Or what about improving your communication skills, build successful relationships with others and break free from emotional baggage? 
What is it? 
A group of young people who support each other within the Young Minds Mastery Community and meet face to face. 
An opportunity to learn new skills and techniques to empower yourself to stay mentally well and help others to do the same. 

How it works? 

Once you join the Young Minds Mastery Group, you will be invited to a private Facebook Community. This is a place for support and to learn about mental wellness. 
Every month you will meet as a group with Debs so you can discover and practice techniques. 
You can also become a qualified Youth NLP Practitioner by completing a number of set activities within the group. 
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