Confidence Camp  For Parents  

Do you have teenagers with emotional and/or behavioural needs? 
Wouldn't it be useful if you knew how to help your children regulate their emotions and behaviours? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges being a parent brings? 
Would you prefer to become empowered and overcome these challenges instead? 
Have changes in the family unit led to changes in your teenagers attitude? 
If you knew how to help them then life would be easier for both of you, right? 
with confidence 

Personal Parenting Breakthrough 

Why Will Booking a Breakthrough Help Me?  

Are your kids picking up your bad habits, behaviours and fears? 
Do you feel guilty about not spending enough quality time with your children? 
Have you been spending your time talking about your problems but you you never seem to get anywhere near resolving them? 
If the answers to any of these questions are yes, then book your 
Personal Parenting Breakthrough with me today. 
During the 2 day Personal Parenting Breakthrough we will find out through discussion what the main problems are, what the root cause(s) is and what other things are preventing you from being the parent you want to be. No two problems are the same; so breakthrough sessions are completely unique to you, with your end result in mind. 
Once you have Personal Parenting Breakthrough, you will: 
Get rid of all unwarranted major negative emotions 
Be in total control of your own emotional state 
Become more confident, adaptable and resourceful 
Gain new powerful techniques, strategies and solutions to reduce your stress, overwhelm and anxieties 
Find ways to boost your energy levels 
Balance all areas of your life so you can be the very best parent, in fact person that you can be! 
Personal Parenting Breakthrough sessions take place in a remote location where you get to have 2 blissful days away to work on you. I use NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis which are rapid techniques and emotion free to get you where you want to be, quickly and efficiently. 
Included in the package will be monthly follow up video calls over the following 6 months which will help you keep on track and address anything that has come up when you have gone back to the family home. 
You will be required to complete tasks after day 1 before getting cracking with day 2, and also between each hourly follow up sessions. These tasks will underpin the work within the breakthrough sessions and essential for your success within the 6 months following the sessions and going into your future. 
Once you book your Personal Parenting Breakthrough, you will need to have 2 days free without interruptions during the coaching sessions. We will have breaks of course. Each follow up video coaching session, will also need to be interruption free so book these times when you have no other commitments. 
NB: For coaching to work properly, you must be able to follow clear instructions, want to make the changes that you intend to make and commit to your outcomes. 

Family Coaching 

How Will Family Coaching Help Us?  

Are you and your kids constantly arguing and it doesn't matter what you seem to say nothing changes? 
Are you a family in crisis? 
Or are you stuck between what your husband/partner wants and what your kids want? 
If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then you need Family Coaching sessions with me. 
Family dynamics are unlike any other. You love each other, family traditions are involved, you live together, there are expectations, rules and hopes. Other group dynamics can include competition, money, fears, health, motivation and anger. We will find out through discussion what the major family problems are, what the root cause(s) is and what other things are preventing you all from getting along. No two families are the same; so each coaching session will focus on the family and the individual within the family, moving towards a unified goal you all agree with. 
Once you have had family coaching you will: 
Be able to communicate effectively 
Share values and mutual respect 
Plan and share experiences to deepen the bond 
Understand what to do if conflict arises 
Know what to do to make positive changes for the family as a whole 
Each Coaching session is 2 hours and will take place either in the family home or in a meeting room. We will be using NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. These are rapid techniques which are emotion free and get you where you want to be quickly and efficiently. 
You also may be required to complete some tasks outside of the coaching session which underpin the work within the coaching sessions and essential for your success. There will also be sessions where I speak with each family member on an individual basis to give each individual to express their deepest issues they may be afraid to confront within the family group session. 
Once you book your session using the link, you will be sent an email within 24 hours to arrange a suitable time. PLEASE NOTE you will need to have 2 hours without interruptions. Flexibility is key, so I offer flexible appointments outside the usual office hours. 
NB: For coaching to work properly, allow a minimum of 6 family sessions. If you book 6 sessions at the same time, a 7th session will be included without charge. 

Survival Hour 

"If you're having teen problems I feel bad for you mum, 99 Problems and your teenagers one!" 
Parents; when you book a Survival Hour: 
you will get an email which asks you to schedule a time for your Survival Hour 
once booked your time slot, you will get an email with the link for the Zoom Call 
On the call: 
you will tell me what the problem specifically is with your teenager 
I will ask questions to make sure I can help you by fully understand the problem and the outcome you want 
you will learn 2-3 techniques to utilise with your teenager 
This is a Video Call and will be recorded as we speak. Once the call is completed you will receive an email of the recording so you can refer back to the techniques when you need them. 

Parent Club 

What Happens in Parent Club, 
Stays In Parent Club: 
Isn't it lonely and isolating when you are a parent? 
It can sometimes be a challenge to meet up with other people, can't it? 
Or what about if your child has emotional and behavioural needs that no-else can quite understand. Where do you go then? 
Virtual Parent Club is a new and exciting way to meet other parents online. It's a safe place to ask the questions you have always wanted answers to - no holds barred! 
As part of Parent Club you will: 
Gain access to several Virtual Events per month led by experts (approx 2 per week). 
Join a private members only Facebook Group, where you can share your experiences and chat with other parents. Plus seek guidance from experts for support when you need it. 
Receive invitations to join our in-person training events at a discounted rate. 
Each Virtual Event lasts approximately 1 hour. There will be a short introduction followed a training from Aunty Debs or one of our guest speakers which will provide you with valuable advice, techniques or strategies. There will be a chance to ask your questions before, during and after the event. 
For the fraction of the cost of a night out; why wouldn't you want to join Parent Club with all of it's training and support at just £20 per month? 


The Little Pocket Book For Parents of Teenagers 

A handy eBook you can have in your pocket and use any time!  How to empower yourself & what language to use to get what you want  


Want to Survive The Teenage Years? 

A safe group where you can find:  support | tips & techniques | regular help & info  

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