Confidence Camp  For Educators  

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of being a teacher? 
Would it be helpful if you felt calmer, less stressed and had balance in your life? 
Are you struggling with bored students who aren't coping with the constraints of the current curriculum? 
If you knew innovative ways to help your students learn more easily and effortlessly, that would be useful wouldn't it? 
Does your current behavioural policy mean that a high number of students spend their time in isolated areas of your school? 
Is it possible there may be other ways to improve behaviour across the whole school? 

One to One Teacher Coaching 

How will coaching help me? 

Are you feeling overworked and undervalued? 
Do you feel guilty when you have eg; marking to do, reports to write, etc and you haven't had any quality time with your family? 
Have you noticed that when you feel stressed, the pupils you teach display behaviours which are even more challenging than usual? 
Have you shown signs of irratability, moods swings and felt more exhausted than usual? 
If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then you need to book a Consultation Call with me so you can decide if I am the right fit for you. 
I will find out through discussion what your main problems are, what the real root causes are and what your outcomes are. No two problems are the same; so each coaching session will be completely unique to you, with your end result in mind. 
Once you have 121 Teacher Coaching, you will: 
Have clear outcomes and on the path to achieving your goals. 
Get rid of all unwarranted major negative emotions and be in total control of your own emotional state. 
Become more confident, adaptable and resourceful. 
Gain new powerful techniques, strategies and solutions to reduce your stress, overwhelm and anxieties. 
Find ways to boost your energy levels. 
Balance in all areas of your life so you can be the very best version of yourself. 
Each Coaching session is 2 hours and can be done in person or over a face to face call. I use NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and utilising whatever it takes to get the job done. These are rapid techniques which are emotion free and get you where you want to be quickly and efficiently. 
You also may be required to complete some tasks outside of the coaching session which underpin the work within the coaching sessions and essential for your success. 
You will initially book a 30 minute FREE telephone consultation where you will be able to ask questions and find out if I am a good match for you. 
Please make sure this valuable time is without interruptions. Flexibility is key, so I offer flexible appointments outside the usual office hours. 
NB: For coaching to work properly, allow a minimum of 6 sessions. If you book 6 sessions at the same time, any extra sessions dealing with the main problem will be included without charge. 

Teacher Courses and Training 

Will booking a course or training help me or my school? 

Does your school have a high volume of staff who are stressed and overwhelmed which affect the number of long term absences? 
Is poor pupil behaviour dominating the overall performance of the whole school? 
Do you wonder how your pupils will get through their exams as the number of students with exam anxiety rises? 
Are you having to restructure due to deficits in the school budget which is having a negative effect on the overall performance of the school? 
Book a Consultation Call with me so we can discuss the needs of the school and decide how I can help you? 
Confidence Camp runs a variety of courses delivering teacher training either withinin your school or as an external event. In school training is bespoke and will be created with your school needs in mind. External courses will include teachers from other schools.  
Training Courses: 
Positive behaviour strategies for powerful classroom management. 
Your mindset matters; stress and anxiety breed stress and anxiety so lets change the pattern! 
Surviving exams; creative techniques for real student success. 
Mind your language! How language has a huge effect on how students react to your instructions both in and out of the classroom. 
NLP for Teachers Diploma. 
NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner for Teachers, Senior Leaders, HTLA's, College Lecturers and Home Tutors. 
In School Teacher Training will be created and delivered with your schools needs in mind. Whether you need a 2 hour twilight, half or full day training or even a Surviving your Exams Workshop for your students, Confidence Camp will work with you to deliver quality training and ongoing support if required. 
NLP based training courses are run as external events which educators can book on and are run both in school time and during weekends if your school likes to keep the timetable free for teaching. 
You will initially book a 30 minute FREE telephone consultation where you will be able to ask questions and find out if I am a good match for you. 
Flexibility is key, so I offer these appointments both during and outside the usual school hours. 
NB: The most effective training occurs when the whole school is on board with change. Sometimes the message coming from an external source can make the difference to the message received. 
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