The Exam Anxiety Workshop has helped me control myself during stressful times. I know that I was doubting myself due to a lack of self confidence, however I know I can now help myself with the techniques I have learnt today.  
Debs is an amazing coach. She takes time to understand and listen to me. I've never been able to apply myself due to lack of confidence and self esteem and she has helped break down the barriers that were preventing me from living the life I wanted a long time ago. She has given me the inspiration and strategies to focus on what I want.  
As someone who has been performing all of my life I reached a point where I wasn't sure if this was the road that I wanted to continue down anymore. Something I'd been dreaming of doing since the age of 5 was now being destroyed by a lack of self belief and an overwhelming amount of doubt. 
As soon as we started talking I was instantly hooked on Deb's flawless personality and incredibly positive outlook on life. Once I found out she enjoyed performing too, I knew she was the one to help me. 
We had an in depth talk about my doubts as a performer. Each and every hour I felt myself understanding and becoming more confident in who I am not only as a performer but as a person. She guided me every step of the way, and I felt safe enough to share with her my deepest fears and worries. She responded with her welcoming aura allowing me to feel comfortable whilst she worked out the deep core of my problems. 
I can proudly say that I have trained at one of the most prestigious Drama schools in London and now on a Professional tour of Mamma Mia. I know I wouldn't have made it without working with Debs. She was a blessing and an unimaginable influence in getting me back on to the right path within myself. She is one of a kind and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough!!! 
Thank you Debs ❤️ Cameron Vear 
The Workshop has helped me a lot. I feel confident using the techniques I have learnt and I know I will be able to get the grades I want as it is very different to how school shows you to revise.  
Thank you Debs for giving me the space to be ok with not being ok when we have teenagers. Your group rocks and it really does make a difference. 
I think the workshop was very helpful as it made me think of all the things that make me happy and now I know if I an feeling stressed during my exams i know to use my anchor technique to ease myself. It has made me feel more confident in taking my exams later this year and any I have to take in the future. Thanks for your time. 
I had a 1 hour session with Debs o help me to help my teenagers as they approached music and school exams. She had lots of great practical suggestions that we were able to put in place straight away. Thanks Debs! 
Debs your stuff is magical! 
I'm sleeping better, I'm getting more work done in my lessons AND I've stopped using my fidget spinner - I just don't need it anymore! 
I scored a goal in football in last Saturday's match as you told me to use Hakalu while I was playing and I seemed to see the ball way before anyone else saw it coming to them, it was like I could see them move before they moved! Thank you so much I feel like I've changed overnight! 
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