We welcome you to Confidence Camp, 
We’re mighty glad you’re here, 
We’ll set the air reverberating, with a mighty cheer. 
We’ll sing you in, we’ll sing you out, 
To you we’ll raise a mighty shout, 
Hey, hey the gangs all here, 
We welcome you to Confidence Camp! 

Hi I’m Debs Bamford 

and I’ve been known as ‘Aunty Debs’ since I was a teenager myself. I was the kid that everyone came to for advice as even at that age I would listen and give a variety of options for my friends to mull over. I was rubbish at gaining perspective for myself though and would get stuck in a loop of negativity as I had little self-worth. 
The first time I felt totally confident in myself was being a counsellor at Camp Walden, Michigan in my 20’s. I learnt how to communicate with teenagers on their level through fun activities and living in a cabin for 8 weeks with 14 of them. I loved it so much I went back a 2nd year! 
It was a game changer as far as teaching was concerned. From the moment I started my first teaching post 24 years ago, lessons were times for fun based learning and breaks became a thing of the past. My office was a safe zone where judgements were left at the door and students could chat ‘stuff’ with me. 
Fast forward a few years; travelling the world, finding personal development, running a business then hitting a brick wall of depression, made me take stock of my life. I’d read an NLP book a few years earlier and decided I wanted to learn it so I had tangible techniques to use so I could really help people who were still entrusting me with their problems. 
My experience of being a Master Practitioner of NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis has had a profound effect on my life, students I teach and the friends who still call me Aunty Debs. So once I’d completed Trainers Training in NLP, I decided to adapt the techniques to suit Educators, Teenagers and Parents. 
My purpose is to help teenagers, it always has been. So by training parents and teachers in specific skills and techniques which are slightly different from traditional methods, I wish for all parties involved to become the best versions of themselves that they can be, become emotionally resilient and ultimately confident. 

Why Choose Confidence Camp? 

Being a teenager can prove challenging at times, can’t it? Being a parent to a teenager is also less easy than when they were younger, isn’t it? And what about those educators that have to make sure they prove to society they have provided significant improvement to a teenagers life! Can be pretty stressful, can’t it? 
Ultimately Confidence Camp recognises that young people are the future developers of society. 
Right now we have an epidemic of depression, anxiety, low self worth and self esteem affecting young people and hugely limiting their beliefs. 
The pressures of fitting in, being liked, having the right image, taking the right subjects etc, is blown up through the regular use of social media and gaming channels. 
If you could learn ways of keeping good mental health, improving self worth and becoming more aware of how to lead a happy life; then you can reshape yourself for unlimited potential. 


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